iOS and android

This is our premier study software.  This software was designed with modern, more advanced hardware in mind.  If you are looking for the best software for you tablet or smart phone this is the one to use.

As a Bible students, sometimes we want to simply read scripture and contemplate God's word. At other times, for example in a Bible Study with others, we might want to look at the original language or perform a word study. For some, there might be a need or desire to study and learn the original languages and word forms.

Our goal is to have a Bible app that rises to the level of our study need … the equivalent of carrying a Study Bible, a Strong's concordance, a couple interlinears, a notebook to write your thoughts, and a study guide … all in your shirt pocket. 

- Read the Bible in English, Greek, Hebrew or interlinear 

- Look at maps associated with the chapter 

- Jump to topically similar references 

- Simply touch a greek word you don't know and get: 

- grammer 

- definition 

- pronunciation 

- Listen to the Greek New Testament in Greek (iOS only)

- Use advanced searching to find a scripture you had in mind. 

- View You study history 

- Take notes 

- Use flash cards to help your language skills. 

- take tests to evaluate you language skills

- read Greek grammer books and commentaries.